Simple Mindfulness Practices with Lynn Morrison

Simple Mindfulness Practices with Lynn Morrison

Mindfulness practices have been shown to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase restful sleep, improve immune function, and over time, increase the function of the parts of the brain related to feelings of well being. In addition, practitioners report greater mental clarity, calmness, creativity and engagement in the moment by moment events of daily life. The practices on this recording are culled from thirty years of mindfulness practice and are varied in length and style, with the hope that whoever you are, you will find one or several practices that are particularly useful. The mindfulness practices (or exercises) are designed to be used individually, or can be listened to in sequence, for a deeply relaxing experience.

1. Introduction - 4:24
2. First Practice: Belly Breathing - 8:20
3. Second Practice: Mindfulness of Sound - 8:31
4. Third Practice: Eye Awareness - 8:18
5. Fourth Practice: Hot-Cold Breath - 9:33
6. Fifth Practice: Mindfulness and Compassion - 11:18
7. Sixth Practice: Noticing Your Body - 20:07

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