We wish to acknowledge the founder of Hakomi, Ron Kurtz, whose work is a significant contribution to the field of mindfulness and psychotherapy. His innovative genius is an inspiration. We are forever grateful for his insightful mind and his ongoing research and teachings which offer us the principles and practices guiding our work.

We want to thank Ross Cowman for translating our materials into a website we are very proud of.

We want to express our appreciation to Dana Gaskin Wenig, editor and administrator for Seattle Hakomi Education Network, for all of her efforts as wordsmith, and for her judicious role of liaison with Ross Cowman in developing this site.

Our appreciation and thanks go to Marcella Van Oel for the creation of our banner and for her ability to understand our work and represent it so faithfully.

And we want to express our deep appreciation to John Lawrence Jr. for donating the beautiful photographs that enhance the website.

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