Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy, an experiential therapeutic method originated by Ron Kurtz, is often described as assisted self-discovery.  It can be experienced in one-on-one therapeutic sessions, weekend workshops, or as an extended training. Each two-day workshop offers 12 CEUs (see below for more information).

Hakomi facilitates a highly attuned relationship between therapist and client and between participants in a workshop. This rapport supports individuals as they mindfully explore unconscious experiences that limit life or cause unnecessary suffering. This exploration results in increased clarity, creativity, confidence and awareness of the present moment.

Seattle Hakomi Education Network offers:

All three levels are approved for CEUs for Licensed Massage Practitioners, and by the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work, for Licensed Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, and Marriage and Family Therapists. And the State of Washington Department of Health, as per Administrative Code 246-830-485 (4), has granted approval to the somatic education training program provided by the Seattle Hakomi Education Network.

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“Hakomi is . . . a visionary contribution
in bringing mindfulness to our
therapeutic community”

— Daniel Siegel M.D.

© John Lawrence

“Hakomi is . . . well grounded in theory and revolutionary in its results”

— Association of Humanistic Psychology

© John Lawrence

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